The Panty-Dropping Time


We all do it (unless we think that premarital sex is evil and carnal pleasures are sinful) sooner or later when we start to date someone. The big question, however, is “when” to drop the panties so that it doesn’t spoil anything in our blossoming relation* or lead to a heart break if a guy was only interested in us in the biblical sense.

The general rule seems to be rather later than sooner. I don’t think there’s any exact number of days/weeks/months that a person should wait but definitely we should feel comfortable with a person and with what we’re doing. I think it’s in general highly uncommon (I’m not saying impossible) for people to feel enough at ease with each other immediately after the first date to allow this level of intimacy and doing what we feel is right is the only way to avoid regrets in case things don’t go exactly as planned.

For a man it’s not uncommon to just hang around “to score” and the trick is to recognize whether it is so with our new romantic interest. Women often misread interest as necessarily being of romantic nature. They’re wrong. If we allow enough time to look at a person’s behavior around us, we usually know what they want (we can always ask them the question “what are we?”) and if it’s not the same thing we do then having sex will definitely not help to make them interested in our personality if they were not charmed by it before.

We often rush into sleeping with someone because we think that they will lose interest if we don’t. The fact is, however, that when a guy is actually into us, he rarely minds waiting, as he enjoys our company and being around us. It’s just advisable to give him some time to realize that there’s more into us than just looks. The more we know the person, the less awkward the first sexual experience.

Nevertheless, making the guy wait forever doesn’t make much sense either. Yet again when he’s not into us he won’t start liking liking us after we sleep with him so he’ll lose interest all the same once he achieved what he wanted. Even if he likes likes us if we let the expectations grow too high we’re just setting both ourselves and our partners for disappointment. Sex can be amazing but that usually comes with knowing the person’s needs and not with our exceptional skills because even if we can clap “Old McDonalds” had a farm with our vagina it may not be everyone’s favorite song.

In brief, in my opinion, the perfect panty dropping time is when WE feel we want it and not when others (the guy, our friends or his friends) think we should want it. If we’re not sexually interested in him, we should reconsider our choice as whatever the poets and priests have been trying to tell us chemistry and attraction are a very important elements in a healthy relation.

*I’m assuming that your goal is to be with the guy. If you’re interested in a one night stand that’s fine with me but this post will probably highly irrelevant. In this case you can drop your panties anytime between “hi” and learning what he does for a living.


  1. I agree with what you saying zloty. But a lady never shags and tells so I’ll keep my stories to a minimum. At the end of the day I think its up to the two people to decide when they do the deed. I think there is a lot of emphasis put on the panty-dropping time, especially when we were younger…. every1 had this stupid idea that if he LOVED you he’d wait forever (or at least till marriage) but the fact is those that did were probably shagging it up with a Long Street ho, while the good girl stayed home and cooked rotis for him 😉

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  2. I agree with holding onto your pants, at least for a while. I know a few sl*tty girls and not only do the guys not want to spend time with them, but so do some of our mutual girlfriends (tarnished reputation by association).

    But chemistry is important. If it’s not there on the first date, it won’t suddenly appear. And if you don’t want to rip his clothes off, is it really worth continuing to date him??

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      • But what about the instances where the guy wins your over with his charm and intelligence, serenades you on the guitar and what what. You do want to rip of his clothes there and then (but luckily your team of protectors advise against it). Luckily, for once if your god-foresaken life you listened to them because a couple of months down the line you are beginning to see him for the wrinkly, OLD, vertically challenged toad that he is. Sometimes the prude really does come out on top, hey? Just saying.

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      • It’s all about honesty with yourself. Something’s telling me that you wanted more from Mr Prune than just sex. Only in these case the Prude wins.


  3. I just think that if we didn’t really want it then maybe we weren’t so much into these guys back in the days. And it’s a good thing we made them run away 😉 after all, I don’t know how may you not want it of you have actual genuine feelings for someone 😊


  4. @EnglishRosiee – that’s my point. Defo refrain from dropping pants to anyone (whorish), but you still have to WANT to rip their clothes off. Otherwise their totally friendzoned!!

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  5. I get what your saying…so we need to find the dude whose clothes we wanna rip off, but rather just hold on a bit … try and get him to talk to you about something intellectual like philosophy or physics while you undress him with you eyes 😉


  6. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies ! You forget there are many stages in between those foot-popping kisses and the panty dropping stage 😉 Have fun, get what you want but give it to them in stages…it’ll keep them coming back for more 🙂

    Oh and I was discussing this with a male friend over dinner last night…how long is too long without a little bit of bed room action? how long must the factory be closed before a girl can be considered a nun?


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