Hot Girls, we have problems too!

People think that being hot is only a blessing.  I’d like to shed some light on the DARK SIDE of the issue.

  1. People (women) immediately assume you’re stupid.

Hotness is usually a mixture of being endowed by Mother Nature and being well-groomed. Particularly the latter makes females think that if you pay attention to your looks you are hiding deficiencies in the brain department. As a result if you’re a fan of such things as sarcasm, irony and dark humor you have to deal with the fact that until people (mostly women) know you they assume that you’re being serious and most of your ridiculous statements that are clearly jokes will result in face palms and gossiping behind your back. On the bright side, as you get older you notice that the looks and the assumptions are coming from those who feel insecure about themselves and individuals with a healthy self-esteem won’t be initially judgmental.

2. Men give you lots of unwanted attention

Don’t you dare to put on a dress or Satan forbid high heels. In fact, stop putting on any make up and preferably stop any cosmetic treatments. If you bathe you’re clearly asking for attention! And if you’re asking for attention why don’t you reply to every single guy who catcalls you on the streets of the beautiful RS and A? Be nice to all of them and preferably stop by and have a small chat, otherwise you’re being rude. And if they ask for your number as a result? Well, you know, you can’t have it both ways – either stop seducing these poor innocent men with your Jezebel look or deal with the consequences!

3. Truly shallow people think you’re one of them

Ah yes! Because paying attention to your looks of course always means that this is the only thing that you’re interested in, hot girls experience elevated interest from people who think that not looking good is a crime and should be punished. After all the unfriendly women you’ve met in your life you may feel tempted to become friendly with them. However, after few sessions of hardcore drinking that would make you have conversation topics with a cow, you realize that all beauty and style related conversations are not really your vibe. Besides, as this environment is based on beauty only there’s always going to be someone prettier, slimmer and better dressed than you and trying to make sure that you’re taking part in this competition may actually make you the person that people thought you were.

4. People (men) often focus on your looks solely

It may seem like you have it easier in the dating game. You attract more attention and seemingly have more choice. In reality, this have two effects. Yet again many (insecure) women will dislike you because you’re a threat to their men if they’re in a relationship or two their potential men if they’re single. The other effect is that you attract male attention for superficial reasons. Yes, more men will talk to you but most of them won’t be interested in what you’re saying. They will want you in biblical sense so they can score you, show your pictures to their male friends and her high-fives or they will want you in the trophy sense to walk you around as if they had a lion on the gold chain (I’ve complained about the latter in my post on being Eastern European). Very small percent of these men will actually be interested in you as a person and actually instead of ending up with more chances you end up with having to deal with more crap before you get to someone that you want to be in a relationship with.

I could go on and on but unfortunately our self-imposed word limit has been breached already. Remember! Next time you see a hot girl don’t make harmful assumptions. Hot girls we’re humans too! Please enjoy the humorous (I hope!) video that inspired the post:


Now to you, Dear Rinsers, is being hot a blessing or a curse? What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you maybe guilty of any of the above?


  1. It depends how you choose to look at it, if you want to see the negative side then you make a strong case, if you look at the upside instead of complaining about the attention you get be thankful you get attention, whether you’re a hot woman or a manly stud that women want to bed you all get attention. Not everyone gets that, I know I grew up not getting that kind of attention and so many time I wished I did. I am sure I am guilty of trying to talk to an attractive girl because …well she was attractive, but I did try to look past the beauty on the outside and see the good inside of them…

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  2. Haha !!!!!! This is LOL worthy !!

    Firstly, you are not actually EE cos Polski Land is Central Europe so therefore you are CE.

    Secondly, those insecure women regardless of whether the other girl is hot or not. Even if you are just friendly towards their somewhat ugly husband/boyfriend they are going to hate you because she knows her man was wondering eyes. Its not the hot girl she needs to worry about.

    And men are superficial lets face it. Sometimes they’ll tell you they love you for your heart (thats probably only cos they want to get their leg over) but just watch if you are a slightly chubby chick who goes and lose 10kg, chances are you’ll have men falling at your feet. Just saying.


    • We’re CE for you guys only when you want us to and EE when it doesn’t suit you. There’s a lot of culture similar to that of other EE countries. Yes, insecurity is just an issue unfortunately.


  3. Most women love attention and attractive women tend to garner more attention, us women pretend not to like the attention but we do. If I dress up and don’t get any compliments…then something is terribly wrong


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