Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys – The Documentary


I actually first came across the concept of ‘Rinsing’ when I watched a Channel 4 documentary back in the UK. The show follows a new breed of women known as ‘Rinsers’ who basically exploit men’s weaknesses to get whatever their heart desires (From basic utility bills to Gucci handbags, Chanel watches, Apple iPads, KitchenAid mixers and even a trip to New York).

Before you get ahead of yourself, Rinsing is not some nuanced form of prostitution. The Golden rule of Rinsing is that sex is strictly not part of the deal – so while the bloke’s wallet may be wide open, the chicks ensure that their legs stay firmly closed.

Some rinsers are happy to meet a guy for a drink, dinner or even an exotic holiday but they make it clear that the only thing they are offering in return for the gifts received is ‘friendship’ (although, this might be written into the terms and conditions, I am sure the men still wish for more). However, in the extreme cases there are members of ‘Rinsing Royalty’ who manage to do the job while never meeting the guys in person. One of the girls (Playboy model-esque pretty type) does all her rinsing via the internet. So the guys pay for her time and all she basically does in flirt with them on skype or send them a sexy photo (and seriously, some people sext for nothing!).

And flirting is one thing? But there is another rinser whose strategy involves emasculating her rinsees and telling them that they are lame mama’s boys. Even when they’ve given her nice gifts (by nice I mean Jimmy Choo shoes and a Husky!!) she asks them whether they are so broke-ass that was all they could afford. You’d think that this kind of general bad behaviour would eventually send these men running for the hills, but all they do is keep coming back for more.

When asked why they do it? There are a range of reasons which range from liking the idea of being kept women without any of the additional baggage to the fact that some of the rinsers consider this nothing more than a business interaction. One girl actually refers to herself as ‘entrepreneur’ – which I guess is technically true. Hmm… It’s all a little strange for my immature mind to handle.

It sounds like some sort of parallel universe, right? Apparently in Cape Town we have it good because there are still some guys who’ll buy us the odd glass of wine. But in London and New York it’s the norm to go Dutch. So, one really has to seriously wonder how these Rinsers manage it? Is it all based on giving guys false hope and is it really any different to the men who have backpocket girls? Or are we now living in the Age of Mr Grey where all types of relationships are based on strange power games? Can rinsing be regarded as a mild form of prostitution although no sexual favours are ever exchanged?

There’s some food for thought Dear Readers (I think with the context of this post, it would be wrong to call y’all rinsers). So give us your views… and maybe even watch the documentary on YouTube to get a better insight.


    • I am not sure. But it is certainly not the norm I don’t think. The guys in the documentary seemed to like being emasculated and told they were lame when they couldn’t buy the girls what they wanted. It was all very strange. But we live in a world of BDSM, Swingers Clubs and all sorts of other strange things so I guess this is another associated craze.

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