The Beauty of a Holiday Romance


So it’s holiday season here in South Africa and I’ve been told by many people that there is no better time to be single. I’m yet to be convinced but I guess it has something to do with it being the perfect time for a holiday romance. It’s sunny and everyone is happier (less/no work). So why would anyone want to get involved in a serious relationship with all its associated complications (fights, baggage, etc) when you can have something light and fluffy?

Unless, you are an oddball like me and let what should have been just a holiday romance escalate into a half decade long love affair, you’ll know from the start at such association has an expiry date and in all likelihood will be nothing more than short-term (chances are you both live in different parts of the world or maybe one/both of you have a partner elsewhere). The temporary nature of a holiday romance however doesn’t take away from its beauty.

When you get involved with someone while on vacation, chances are you are not exposed to their true character but instead only see a sparkly version of the person. Generally, most people are in a better space when they are on holiday (no stress from work, life, etc … A change of scenery can truly work miracles).

People are generally more free spirited when on holiday. No curfews due to early morning work meetings, the booze is generally flowing and you’ve temporarily traded being stuck at your desk with the arduous task of sunning yourself on the beach. Plus, maybe I am being a hopeless romantic right now, but I truly believe that being in a different/beautiful place has the power to thaw even the coldest heart of a sad spinster. I mean most of us a more likely to charmed by the dude that takes you for sundowners on a private beach on the Wild Coast (NB never forget stranger danger kids) than yet another Tinder date at that bar in Obz where everyone knows your name.

Finally, the lack of consequences involved also make holiday love affairs an attractive option for the commitment-phobe in all of us. These fleeting things are exciting and are generally give us butterflies and good stories. If you are single (or even if you are an Ashley Madison philanderer who is not) if the opportunity for a bit of a holiday fling arises while you are travelling the world, grab it, enjoy it for what it is. But manage your expectations realistically. Yes, sometimes a holiday romance can become a successful long distance relationship which subsequently escalates into immigration for one party and then happily ever after but in most cases logistics will force you to part ways so just kiss him goodbye and watch him disappear into the sunset.

FYI, I am currently on holiday in the Transkei and beyond a couple of Tinder fails, I am NOT in the midst of a passionate holiday love affair (but I still have a few days on the road so there’s still hope).

Ok, Dear Rinsers, share your holiday romance stories. Did they ever blossom into a fairytale or are they nothing more than fond memories now?

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  1. Interesting points made on this post especially the point of you see their best side while on holiday which gives rise to the holiday kind of feel. Just one thing …Do you think you will find your true love?

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  2. I feel like I had one holiday romance that was fun. Usually in my head what was supposed to be just a fling was always growing to an enormous size and as a consequence I was investing too much in relationships tgat shouldn’t be. I think a romance requires a lot of maturity but at the same time only when you have one and you start to truly see the difference between love and lust one is ready for something serious.


    • I think its the romance and passion of a holiday romance that leaves us wanting more. Its always easier said than done – but sometimes as much as you’d want these things to carry on, you need to let them go and just think back on it as a happy memory. Trying to drag out something that could only work as temporary is a recipe for disaster.

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