Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ aka Blaming ‘Becky’


OK, I have to be honest with you I’m writing this having not seen the Beyoncé’s  ‘visual album’ (since when did this become a ‘thing’?) which was released over a week ago. Still, anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock couldn’t fail to have all the ‘Lemonade’ hype.

From purely a musical standpoint (and yes I am well aware that my taste in music in questionable), I have to say I haven’t been all that impressed. To be honest, I miss the old school Beyoncé from the Destiny’s Child days.

Regardless, ‘Lemonade’ goes beyond the music. It’s a political statement – Beyoncé’s support of the #blacklivesmatter movement. It’s also said to be Queen Bey’s anti-Coachella fashion statement. But most importantly (for us voyeuristic gossip mongers) it’s about Beyoncé making ‘Lemonade’ out of her unhappy marriage to JZ.

I’m sure you’ve all read more than enough in the press about how this album is an insight into Beyonce’s personal life. There has been plenty of speculation around the lyrics of the latest songs being about various stages of a woman being cheated on – from her initial intuition and that gut instinct that something is not quite right to denial (because nobody wants to admit that their beau is a philander) and the forgiveness and having to finding away to move forward after infidelity.

But still the question that is on everyone’s lips is – Who the hell is ‘Becky with the good hair’?  (Just for the record, I think Beyonce has the best hair!). With Becky supposedly being the ‘Other Woman‘ in the mix one does have to wonder though if ‘Lemonade’ is just an epic form of cryptic/not-so- cryptic revenge. Anyone who has been cheated on will tell you that it’s a traumatic experience. Being betrayed and humiliated by someone you trust wholeheartedly is sure to mess with one’s head and it’s only human to get angry and want to blame someone.

But isn’t strange who we choose to angry with? In most cases, the woman scorned doesn’t launch revenge on her but instead she chooses to target the side chick (check Beyonce – shortly after ‘Lemonade’s release she still dedicated a song to her ‘beautiful husband’ and the doesn’t seem to be any signs of divorce on the horizon either).

It’s easy to judge as an onlooker. But as they say people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I think the truth is that even though the philandering scumbag is in the wrong and all logic tells you ditch his sorry ass, very rarely are our hearts and heads in sync. Although we know what we should do our heart still loves the cheat and those feelings are often hard to shake. Furthermore, its far easier to hate on the side chick because ultimately it’s possible for even someone as glorified as Beyonce to feel threatened by a ‘Becky’.

Dear Rinsers, tell us what you about this ‘Lemonade’ hype. Is it nothing more than an excellent publicity stunt executed by this epic power couple (NB JZ owns Tidal, the platform that Beyonce used to launch ‘Lemonade’)? Do you think this is Beyonce’s way of getting revenge on the side chick?  Why do you think the woman scorned always hates on the ‘Becky’? And are the guys who get cheated on any different?  Have you ever been in Beyonce’s shoes or are you more of a ‘Becky’? Share your views and stories in the comments below. 



  1. I am more inclined to believe it both a good publicity stunt born out of there being an affair that has been going on don’t forget Bey’s sister went nuts on Jayz in a elevator so…since this is based on a true story why not get some good publicity out of it as well.

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  2. We choose to blame the other woman because we find it hard to believe that someone who is supposed to love us would willingly do something to hurt us.
    We also choose to blame the other so that we do not take the much needed introspective look at ourselves too see how our actions or lack thereof contributed to a situation where the man in our life felt he needed to be looking elsewhere…for whatever it may be…affairs are not always physical.
    We also choose to blame the other woman because lets face it, naming and shaming a stranger is so easy…yet looking your partner in the eye and having to hear the reasons is a much harder and dare I say it, bitter pill to swallow.

    Most women don’t ever want to be “Becky”, because we don’t want to have to deal with a possible “Becky” no one wants to be hurt that way and so we will not hurt someone else in that way…but also, not all women care…and the saying “Well I’m single, I’m not the one doing anything wrong” has been used to help many women sleep better at night. The thing is, shit happens, we deal the best way we know how, and we move on…

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    • Thanks for your comment.

      Good points. As for the justification of ‘well I am single so I’m innocent’…it depends on what you are after with a man like that. For instance, if its a casual fling all is well and good but if you want something longterm you’ll need to bear in mind that if he cheated WITH you, he’ll likely cheat ON you too

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