Guest Post : Seriously Guys, If You Ask A Woman Out On A Date…

On RinseBeforeUse today we have a special guest post by bklynboy59, who regularly comments on our posts. Today he offers some advice to the (non) alpha males who are failing at dating. 


I know dating has changed a lot since the payphone and the original VCR and 8 track tapes but…Guys if you ask a woman out on a date …

Don’t ask her to come to your house to watch a hockey Game. She isn’t going to come over.

Don’t ask her what she does for a living and then determine she makes enough to pay for the date.

Don’t ask her out for drinks and not dinner and spend as much for the drinks as you would for drinks and dinner.

If you are 40 and older and you fall under this list of don’ts and you have done these and still wonder why you can’t keep a girlfriend …umm then you need help. So here it is.

No matter how much a woman maybe into sports, her first date isn’t to your house to watch a Hockey Game, come on seriously. This is the 21st century, fellas you can do better than this. Do you really want to get to know this woman or not? You’re not going to know her if you’re more into the game than her, in fact if she does come over she will leave shortly thereafter.

If you ask her what she does for living at this point it should be to as a conversation piece, not about paying the bill for the date but as a way to get to know her.

If you have to ask her to pay for the date …you can’t afford her and she won’t respect you. Date over. She’s already lost your number.

If you ask a woman out on a date and you take out for drinks and drinks only…you look foolish, cheap and again she will lose your number.

I am saying this to help and hopefully fellas you will get the message. A good friend of mine who I have known for 25 years was on such a date recently. They met a few weeks ago …nice guy she said but we only go out for drinks, so I said ask him out to dinner and see what he says…she wasn’t thrilled with him enough to do so then she forwarded me what he text her…10 Old Fashioned dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again.

Too bad he didn’t follow this list.He then texted her saying that “if you don’t mind either treat tomorrow or contribute. Because financially it’s getting a bit much I hope I don’t sound like a loser but the whole month of work has been lite with the super month holiday. And it’s abit much for me. I make a good living but I am buried with bills.”

“Seriously??I asked her.”He really sent that to you?”. ” Yes” she replied…he is over 40 and text her that ugh!

My advice to her was to dump him and fast… which she did.

The text didn’t match the 10 rules for dating that he sent her. How sad for him. His loss.

But this just underscores what is lacking today. Romance and the means to romance someone. It’s hard economically I get that, but the money this guy wasted on drinks on three dates he could have taking my friend out on one date for dinner and got to know and really great woman. As I said his loss.

So please fellas if you can’t afford to pay for the date don’t make the date in the first place. It will save you from looking foolish.

Dear Rinsers – Give us your thoughts on bklynboy59’s post. Do you think the men of today need to up their game? Are you a fan of old-fashioned romance or do you think that women should pay their way? Share your best and worst encounters with dating the modern man in the comment section below. 


  1. I think these days most guys are just cheap skates. The moment a guy says “Let’s do drinks” in an attempt to take me out for a date I lose his number. Why have they stopped being creative? I wonder if they realise that a first date can even be a picnic by the park on a nice sunny afternoon. It won’t cost much and you actually enjoy quality time together but nooooo.
    I have concluded that they try the “Let’s do drinks” line because that way if a woman agrees she will have drinks and by the end of the night probably won’t be thinking clearly and bam, he will get lucky!

    I once blogged about how sad the dating scene has become, you can read about it over here >>

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    • While it may be a little to with women’s empowerment – some woman would be offended if a man offered to pay, because they are a modern day lady who can pay they way. I think this has just given way for men to be more lazy and make less effort. Plus with things like Tinder at their disposal a guy knows if he doesn’t charm one chick, he can go out with the next match that comes along!

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  2. My experience is that when men asked me out for drinks (in the evening, at a bar) they always pay but…….they wanna get lucky! Well, most times anyway..

    You’re right.. The dating game isn’t what it used To be though

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    • I always say that its fine for everyone to have their expectations but that doesn’t mean that the other party will always oblige.

      I expect the guy to pay for drinks. He may or may not.

      He can expect sex. But the truth is he isn’t going to get lucky. (But I’ll keep the truth to myself.)

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