The End of Brangelina – Is it OK to LOL at the Other Women’s Misery?


So just last week we saw the demise of yet another Hollywood couple. Divorce doesn’t come as much of a shock these days and it seems that in actual fact the public isn’t all that interested in what went down between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The media are far more concerned with the little subplot in this story and particularly what ex-wife Jennifer Aniston has to say on the matter, especially since Angelina Jolie was the Other Women that broke up that marriage.

Various media channels have been having lots of fun speculating about how Jennifer Aniston must be delighted right now. From the humorous headlines such as “Jennifer Aniston hospitalised after dangerously prolonged laughing fit”  and those British tabloids telling us that their ever-so-reliable sources inform them that she has said that the Brangelina split is ‘karma’ for what they did in the past to the millions of memes circulating social media  showing us how the nice girl gets the last laugh – it seems Jenny is once again going to be forced into making an appearance in the latest episode of this saga, whether she likes it or not.

Aside from the fact that there is no real evidence of Jennifer Aniston skipping through fields of daisies, singing happy songs or generally gloating at her ex hubby’s stupidity, this whole drama does make one question whether in such love triangl-ish situations we should be LOL’ing at another person’s misery? Is it really that wrong especially in cases where that person/people did us wrong?

I’m a little bit torn on the issue, to be honest. On one hand, I’m sure if I ever found myself in such a situation, I’d probably have a secret giggle (or maybe share the laughter with a few of my closest friends). Maybe a less mature version of myself would enjoy having a bit of a public gloat with a not-so-cryptic status update on social media. Say what you want about the silly memes on social media but I think they are simply a reflection of how people truly feel – we are all human after all.

On the other hand, having been victim to a philandering jerk’s behaviour in past there is no one better  placed to empathise with this Other Woman’s misery than the ex-wife. It’s easy for us outsiders to bombard the Other Woman with those classic ‘I told you so’ style lines such as ‘If he cheated with you, he’ll also cheat ON you’ but really what good does any of this do? Again, this story raises the question of why women overwhelmingly feel the need to hate on other women (not just the home-wrecking ones) and see them as competition? The world seems to have forgotten that Angelina too has not one, but two ex-hubby’s but we don’t see hilarious memes about them. Is this because there is some secret bro code which bans guys from celebrating one another’s misery?  I

To conclude, of course, we can’t tarnish the whole female species as a heartless breed of person that receives endless amounts of joy at seeing  our fellow chicks fail in life. That said, let’s be honest we probably are the bitchier sex. As for the Other Woman, there is no justifying that sort of skank behaviour- whatever the excuses (they were young and naive and the man tricked them into believing they were special – blah blah blah!) – they lack morals and decency. However, that’s not to say that they can’t learn from these experiences and change themselves. So while you can’t blame anyone who finds themselves in Jennifer Aniston’s position from having a good LOL at the homewreckers expense, it’s probably best to do it privately. In public (and most importantly on social media), we should maintain a mature facade and follow Jenny’s example of taking the high road and showing the world we are above this guttersnipe activity that our ex’s choose to be involved in.

Dear Rinsers what’s your take on Brangelina? Do you think it’s natural for the woman scorned to LOL when justice is served? What would you do in this situation? And do you think hating on each other and enjoying seeing others fail is just a chick thing? Do think this trend goes beyond the romantic realm into other spheres of our lives as well? Answers in the comments below.

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  1. Interesting …I am not sure it is such a good idea to laugh at someone else’s miseary since we don’t know what led to someone else’s break up. What led to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s end may not be the same way or the same issues that led to Jolie and Pitt’s end. We don’t know the story and don’t know if it was really him who was the problem, maybe it was her …maybe there was something that we might not consider that caused the breakup. It might not have anything to do with the romance end ….point is in any relationship there is always his hers and the truth. What you may have problems in one relationship you don’t have in another. So the reasons for a break up will not be the same …I am speaking from experience.


    • Thanks for commenting.

      The only mentioned laughing at the Other Women is because I think people feel some sort of satisfaction when justice is eventually served on the chick that did us wrong. But maybe that is just a chick thing.

      I think we also see it in the workplace where women compete with one another instead of building each other up. I actually think it accounts for much of why we aren’t making strides in gaining equality with the guys, we are busy keeping each other down while the guys are constantly boosting each others egos in all spheres of life.

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  2. I like to think that Jennifer isn’t too upset about things. She has since remarried herself so I’m sure she has other things on her mind instead of laughing manically ripping up photos of Brangelina …. or I could be completely wrong 🙂

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  3. I don’t think we should laugh at other peoples misery or problems. I think women need to stick together now days. I do agree that having an affair with a married man/woman is wrong but the truth is that we don’t know their situation and we have no right to judge them for it. One mistake does not instantly make that person a horrible human being. That’s just my opinion.

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  4. A couple of years ago I found myself in a very similar position. The guy I was with for over a decade left me for someone else. But thing is this wasn’t the first time. He cheated before. So if the rumours are true – we shouldn’t really be pointing fingers at Angelina but rather the cheating scum bag.

    In my situation, at first I was super depressed and spent years thinking about what was so much better about this chick than me. Eventually the universe gave me the answers. He messaged me and started moaning about his new chick and all her faults.

    Look he is still with her but it certainly doesn’t seem like a healthy relationships and now I’ve grown up a bit I see that this is not what I was striving for in life anyway. I am happier single.

    Am I happy knowing he is not happy with her and their relationships is on the rocks? I’m not going to lie. I did have a bit of laugh about it. But to be honest I am also indifferent…they made their bed of lies and now its time for them to deal with it. It’s not my issue.


    • Thanks for sharing your story ! It’s always good to get some real life perspective.

      As I said in the post – I think its only human to have a sneaky giggle when bad stuff happens to people who hurt you. But we shouldn’t really dwell on it or pry into the details for too too long…otherwise it could start to consume us. Just have your little LOL and then get on with your own life.


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  5. Great post. It really got me thinking.

    Like you say, Jennifer Aniston has handled herself very well with this situation. If she is laughing she is doing it in public. But it’s the rest of us that feel we are supporting the good girl by ridiculing Jolie.

    Although they are celebrities, and with fame comes the ridicule and constantly living in the public eye. However, we should also remember that they are all humans at the end of the day. We still don’t know what the facts are (not that it is really much of a concern for us anyway) but there have been murmurings about violence/child abuse so we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. The memes etc might just be a little bit of fun for us but they are also incredibly hurtful to the people involved.

    We’ve all been through break-ups and some of us have dealt with divorces. They are horrid enough without having a bunch of outsiders spreading malicious gossip about you. Say what you will about Pitt and Jolie – they are adults who brought this on themselves but lets think of the kiddies. They didn’t ask for this. Let’s rise above and be kind.

    Thanks for getting the old brain thinking.


  6. I think as people we find it easy to laugh at other’s misfortune, not sure if it makes us feel better, but all in all, I think it’s hard to take celebrity couples seriously. Above all else, if you’ve ever been in a situation where a relationship or family is breaking apart, then we need to dig a little deeper and try to have some compassion. It’s hard for everyone, no matter how famous you are. We are all just people. Looking forward to reading more!

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    • Glad you liked the post. Hope you will keep following us 🙂

      i guess everyone is having a hard time in life and criticising/laughing at other people’s mistakes, etc makes us feel a bit better about our own misfortunes. It’s also human to feel some satisfaction when someone who did you wrong gets burnt!

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  7. Oh, this is tough. When someone hurts you I think it is hard not to laugh. Well, at least in a small internal victory kind of way. It is like God is showing you that you are vindicated and justice has been served. Of course, the more mature action is to hold the public victory parade and move about your own business. Like many of the above comments, we don’t know all the facts and frankly, it is probably none of our business anyway. But we are humans and the satisfaction of gloating is tempting, especially if your ex did you wrong and is then hurt. I do find it odd that we blame the other woman more than the man though. We don’t really know what lies he told her, but he certainly knew he was in a relationship. So in those situations, I think us women should be more made at the man. (And vice versa for men who had a cheating woman.) Now….for those ladies who KNEW the guy was in a relationship…yeah, you can be just as angry at them as well. But, with all that said, why waste more time on the dirt bags of our past when there is so much to discover in our future?

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  8. I would definitely get a good giggle at the misery of the other woman. Angelina probably had a few laughs after stealing Brad from Jennifer. Which brings to light another subject. If you stole a man away from his wife, what’s going to stop someone from stealing him away from you? I’ve never dated a married man for the same reason. If he’s unfaithful to his wife, wouldn’t he be unfaithful to me?

    I don’t know the full scope behind the separation and don’t really care. People are divorcing every day for one reason or another. But I’ll say one thing, Karma is a b$%ch and sometimes she wears Prada!

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      • Honestly, I never expected them to last so long. Personally I thought her personally came off as a bit too strong for that relationship. I mean I don’t know them personally, but given what they both have projected to the public. Pitt was better matched with Aniston. But that’s just my five cents 😉


      • I agree! I didn’t realise it had been like a decade or something – but it must have been because they managed to accumulate all those children. Things move quickly in the celebrity world it seems.

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