Review : Maggie’s Plan – Artificial Insemination, Blended Families and Control Freaks!


This movie was marketed a some sort of romantic comedy. It was niether romantic nor funny (well except Julianne Moore’s terrible attempt at a Danish accent!). I wouldn’t really recommend going to see it unless you are one of those people who has seen everything under the sun. Actually no, even then don’t. Instead watch something with subtitles or something foreign without subtitles. Watch some porn if you have to. Go for a walk off a cliff. Yes, it was that bad and a waste of 2 hours of my life.

The plot is a far-fetched tale which centres around this control freak called Maggie who has decided to get pregnant by with the local pickle entrepreneur (maybe this is a bit funny too) via artificial insemination. As fate has it, at around the same time as she is busy trying to knock herself up she falls madly in love (I wasn’t convinced) with this married man who subsequently leaves his wife + kids to have a family with the Other Woman (NB not clear who Maggie’s baby daddy is). Anyway, after a few years playing house with the married man and trying to manage a blended family (the half Danish kids are constantly slagging her off in Danish) Maggie has this light bulb moment when she realises that actually her husband (yeah, the one she stole!) actually fits better with his ex-wife than he does with her. Then miraculously these two women join forces to hatch some elaborate plan to bring the original couple together. You can guess the rest.

So, despite being a pretty rubbish movie I think for the purposes of this blog it did raise some interesting questions. Firstly, it did provide some insight into the realities of modern family life. Although many of us, myself included, still chase after this traditional idea of happily ever after – hot husband, that’ll help create a couple of perfect children, move to the ‘burbs, etc, etc. But the fact is that this isn’t the reality for most people. Lots of relationships these days are plagued with divorce, infidelity and other such non-fairytale like things. Boundaries are changing and that idea of what a family should look like is rapidly changing.

I’m running into to more and more women that hit 35 ish and realize that they can’t waste the rest of their child-bearing years waiting for a man to impregnate the fun/traditional way and they essentially head to the sperm bank and do it for themselves. Because women, well at least in more developed countries, are more financially independent they no longer need support of a man/another party to help them raise a child. They other advantage, I guess many people see with the modern way of doing things is that instead of getting knocked up by just anyone/someone you love but maybe isn’t genetically that gifted, you get to vet your potentially baby Daddy. Basically this way give your child the best chance of being born with blond hair and blue eyes or with a mind for mathematics  (as was the draw card in Maggie’s case).

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the whole artificial insemination issue. Part of me doesn’t feel there is a need to bring in more humans into this big bad world and I sincerely doubt I’d actually CHOOSE to go it alone but one should never say never I guess. The thought of choosing super sperm is also a bit much for my fragile mind to handle. I mean we all know that kids often turn out to be the opposite of their parents and most of us were probably told that the stork delivered the wrong child (OK, maybe that was just me). But what happens when you’ve PAID to have a child that is crazy clever and it turns out they just want to be a sex blogger or sit on the beach all day and do yoga? Does that mean they will be loved less?  Just seems like another symptom of this age of consumerism we live in to me.We’ll probably start seeing law suits when people don’t get they child they paid for. I guess it’s a method that would seem appealing to the control freaks of

Anyways, the whole issue is a bit of a minefield and I expect I’ll get a few objections to me views but you know we all enjoy a good debate. So Rinsers….Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts? And on the wider issue of traditional family units being a thing of the past? Are you all for women doing it for themselves or do you think its a little bit too sci-fi? Thoughts in the comments below. 




  1. The divorces may be a modern invention but the reasons for them are not. Infidelity has been widespread fpr centuries and it used to be a social norm for a man to cheat even in 1960s. I agree with you on artificial insemination and I think people should rather consider adoption than engineering children. Also, many women who are single and consider it don’t seem to me to be suited for motherhood. If they never managed to have a healthy happy relationship with a man what is to say they can have one with a baby? Such mothers also tend to try to pour their lack of fulfillment in their romantic life onto their children, substituting one relationship for the other. This isn’t healthy.

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    • Yeah. I notice the single ladies that do are often career types that suddenly realise that while they are successful in their line of work they are missing something and with the bio clock ticking they realise while they may not have the time/inclination to find a man they do have the money to get themselves knocked up.

      I think adoption is a better option but it also comes with its own challenges and it takes a special people to do that. Most people are narcissist who just want a mini me to mother. But the problem is that the mini me should also be a reflection of someone you love rather than with someone with the right genes or someone you choose because they have a mind for numbers.

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      • I think that mini mes are rare even with biological children. So many parent-child relationships are based on parents wanted children to be a better version of themselves. I think humans should just take parenthood more seriously and try to solve themselves in their heads before they have kids.


  2. Have not watched the movie and after this review don’t think I’m going to. I’ve become very selective with my time 😉
    Infidelity has been around since the Dinosaurs and not going anywhere, so that fact we may as well accept. Don’t like it, then don’t cheat or accept a partner who cheats. Artificial insemination I’ve always been on the fence with that one, in a way I understand couples wanting a child that’s their OWN. But on the other hand, I find it selfish for a single woman to do it simply because she wants a child when there are so many kids out there needing adoption.

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