Series Review: Sex Education

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Sex Education is my newest personal Netflix craze. I really like British humor and even LOVE it in some instances (Fleabag FTW!) so perhaps that’s why I quite enjoy watching this series. It may not be absolutely mind-blowing but I’ve laughed quite a bit and even shed a tear during a purposefully tear-jerking moment or two. The plot may be slightly overcomplicate but it’s actually easy to accept.

Otis is awkward AF. He’s 18 years old and this kind of guys that is likely to only lose his virginity towards the end of his University days to a very persistent, potentially older woman.
Part of the reason why he’s so awkward is that he’s mother (Gillian Anderson) is a sex therapist. She may be open-minded when it comes to her own one-night stands but she also can’t help snooping around her son’s room, which doesn’t help Otis to deal with life.
Fortunately, Otis has a best friend to confide in. The said bf, Eric is gay but comes from a conservative family. IMHO he’s a great person but teenagers from his school seem to disagree with me.
The tight friendship between the boys becomes strained when Otis meets Meave (who looks A LOT like Margot Robbie) and the two decide to start a sex therapy clinic of their own.

Sex Education is mostly a comedy show but it has its dramatic moments. It deals with issues that a lot of teenagers deal with – over the top mothers, sexual initiation, social awkwardness, abortion, divorce… It’s a modern series, which means that the creators put some effort into making it relatable for many members of society.
The series is easy to watch and it’s quite entertaining at times. I’m sure that some people would argue that it’s sexed up and real teenagers don’t have so much sex but these people know little about teenagers.
I think the one big problem with it may be that it’s trying to deal with too many issues at the same time, which makes it feel a bit superficial. I almost have a feeling that the script writer’s idea is to make the feel of the series more similar to what’s produced in the USA.

All in all, it’s certainly an entertaining watch, perfect to cheer you up. It won’t rock your world but not everything has to. Season 2 has been already confirmed so clearly I’m not the only fan.

Would you go to a teenage sex therapist? Do you think that your life would have been different, had you had access to sex therapy?ย 



  1. Ah, I did watch this one! Hilarious, especially Gillian Anderson’s character. I think I only saw the first three episodes and then forgot about it (I do that a lot) so I’ll have to go back and check it out! It’s weird how Netflix will stop putting things in your feed all of a sudden…

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    • I watched one episode and then forgot about it ๐Ÿ˜€ Then I was looking for something to watch when working out (can’t be too intellectually demanding :p) and the suggestion came up. I still get stuff in my feed but “keep watching” and suggestions are a bit random. I think they’ve tweaked their algorithm and it’s causing some issues.

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      • You’re probably right. And this would be a perfect show to work out to! Can you imagine trying to work out to Mindhunter? It also doesn’t help that my brother keeps using my Netflix account even though he has his own so I keep getting suggestions for documentaries about Hitler and ancient aliens.

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      • Now imagine how terrible season 3 of 13 Reasons Why had to be, if I didn’t manage to go through it, partially occupied with working out!
        Tried Mindhunter workouts, actually, but missed too much of the plot, as expected. Also my husband was complaining about me jumping around ๐Ÿ˜€
        Wow, quite particular interests. Need to find that ancient aliens documentary!

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      • Nazi documentaries and ancient aliens really go hand in hand. They are evidence of a mind incapable of critical thinking. ๐Ÿ˜€

        I don’t like my brother very much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. I also watched a couple of episodes, found it entertaining but didn’t feel compelled to see it through. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

    As for this : Iโ€™m sure that some people would argue that itโ€™s sexed up and real teenagers donโ€™t have so much sex but these people know little about teenagers…. Well, I think I’m one of those people!!! Nobody ever believes me when I tell them a) 30-something virgins are NOT unicorns. They live among us. 2) You’d actually find there are more later bloomers in the world than you think. Most people I meet actually only lost their V-card in their early-20s. And I thought meeting a guy that only lost his V-card at 26 was a shocker, than was until I met the dude that asked me if it was a probably that if he was a virgin in his 30s. You can guess my answer. So yeah, surely I can’t be the only one surrounded by these folk!! Look closer.

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    • I think you’re not missing out terribly by not finishing it. The magic is there for you or it isn’t.

      I think we’ve agreed that you’re a virgin magnet, though? ๐Ÿ˜€ Obviously I’ve never asked people who are married/in relationships/serious daters I know, whether they’re virgins but I assume they aren’t. I know ONE 30-something virgin but she’s pretty strange in general and after a brief attempt at hanging out with her I gave up. I know a handful of late bloomers but they’re exceptions. Most women I meet lost their virginity as teenagers. What’s common is that the teenage boyfriend was one of two dicks. I can’t say much about men I meet/know, because I take most of what they say about their sex lives with a pinch of salt. There may be secret late bloomers but as we agreed my virgin radar would help me detect virgins.

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  3. As someone who works in the child support division, I think children are more promiscuous these days than some people think. A depressing amount of our clients are under 18. :O


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