Movie Review : Obsessed


I always knew that Netflix would be my downfall. Being sorely disappointed with Cape Town’s male offerings and all last weeks goings on, I decided I needed a little bit of Idris in my life to restore my faith in the opposite sex. Sigh. Sadly, I have to admit that Idris circa 2009 only served to mess with my fragile mind.  Anyway, let me not digress and get back to the matter at hand, namely my Friday evening bad movie decisions.

Obsessed is a thriller staring Idris Elba and Beyonce, as one of those stunningly beautiful couples that have it all (although, the kid that was cast as their progeny was far too average looking to have these two beauts as parents, if ask me). Anyway, as I said Derek and Sharon aka Idris and Beyonce are living the dream. He has just landed himself a big phat promotion and she is a lady of leisure by the look of things, they’ve just moved into a fancy house in the burbs, drive snazzy cars. What more could a person wish for?

But as always, things are too good to be true. The arrival of a hot young temp at Derek’s office throws a spanner in the works. From the moment she lays eyes on him in the lift, you know that Derek is in for trouble. As the blond bombshell’s crush on Derek develops things go from bad worse. It’s really quite predictable though. She worms her way in by crying on his shoulder about her ex-boyfriend (lightbulb moment: Just realised I’m doing it all wrong. I’ve always talked about my exes in order to tell a guy that I’m not into them! Dumbass). She conveniently ‘bumps into him’ at a bar before the office Christmas party and next thing you know she is having him mix his drinks (rookie mistake Idris) by plying him with dirty martinis in the hope that he’ll lose his inhibitions (sound like a familiar story?). Things escalate very quickly and somehow she is attempting to have her wicked way with him in the gents (oh la la, but you can’t blame her chick for trying now can you?!).

To his credit and despite his past record (back story: turns out his now wife was once an office temp at his work place too), Derek does his best to fight off Lisa’s advances (but props to her for trying, any women who dares to compete with Beyonce has deserved a high five). Call it a women’s intuition if you want but Sharon calls it from the first time she catches wind of the presence of a new female temp in his office.  Although the fact that the couple have a rule about Derek not being allowed to hire women screams trust issues. As you can imagine, as the story progresses Lisa doesn’t take no for an answer becoming something of a stalker (gate crashing work trips, kidnapping babies), etc. Naturally, this also causes lots of stress in their otherwise seemingly perfect marriage.

So, this movie is nothing new. Very much Fatal Attraction-esque story. As I said, its all very predictable. There are probably a million other things you should watch before scraping the bottom of the Netflix barrel. However, do watch it if you a) want to see beautiful people or b) want to see an epic cat fight. If there was ever any doubt before now I really truly pity any person who dares to take on Queen Bey. Also Idris Elba with an American accent is HORRIFIC. Just NO. And while this move is at best basic, it does raise some relevant issues. How far will some psycho biatches go to get what they want? How much trust can one expect to have in their man when there are such unhinged vicious predators around? Do these things ever so black and white (no, not literally!) or is it case of it really taking two to tango?

OK Rinsers, Have you seen Obsessed? Have you been like crazy obsessed with someone? How far did you go to get their attention? Do you cringe when you look back on that phase? Or have you ever had stalker?  How bad did things get? Have you ever had to protect your man/women from some unhinged trash person? What lengths did you go to – claw their eyes out perhaps? And would you ever take on Beyonce in a cat fight? Go wild in the comments section below. 


  1. Nice review. I’ve definitely been obsessed with someone but as an introvert it was always mostly in secret, obsessing about whether the guy can tell how obsessed with him I am just by looking at me. I mostly went far with imagining scenarios and things in my head. I’ve tried to engineer ways to meet someone I wanted to see, though, like by organising a party just so that they can come.


    • At least we’ve never been psycho obssessed like this chick. Of course, I facebook stalked many a crush in the past. I’ve even conveniently turned up at events I had no intention of going to until I heard that a guy I liked was going to be there. I think these sorts of things are relatively innocent, although we’d obviously not want to have the object of our desires know that we were being all stalker-eque. Whereas the psychotic side of the spectrum gets scary – drugging a guy, breaking into his hotel rooms and waiting naked in the bed….that’s another story.


      • But the psychotic side of the spectrum happens mostly in the movies, I think? I mean I’ve met stalker in my life and that can be really creepy but I’ve never heard an actual story of someone going that far.


      • There was this one girl at university who turned up at her exes flat with nothing on but a trench coat and knee high boots. She came running back with her tail between her legs though as it turned out he was busy with another girl!

        I had a friend suggest that I do something similar (mind you not naked but in a hot dress) fairly recently. But I had a flight to catch the next day, and I knew it would end one of two ways…the guy slamming the door in my face and breaking my heart or me not making my flight 😉 It was lose/lose situation so I just drowned my sorrows instead.

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      • At least he was her ex so it’s already a bit healthier than doing it to your crush who doesn’t know you exist. Now, she has a hilarious story to tell people!

        Well, yes. Particularly seeing that sex doesn’t change what people have decided about the future of a relationship. They may still be attracted to whomever they decided to part ways with. I think such stories end up in mind-blowing sex and more tears later.


  2. I’m an Idris fan, and didn’t know until recently that he’s also a rapper! I heard one of his songs purely by chance while listening to a UK radio station. He’s actually pretty good. Gotta love people who have that many talents and passions. They really stand out as artists.


      • It seems weird to me to get a British actor like Idris Elba and then make him fake an American accent. What is the point there? Having him speak in his normal tongue could add more flavor to the story and his character’s background. I haven’t seen the movie so I’m just speculating here.


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