Review : Violet Online

Violet OnlineYou wouldn’t think us twenty-something girls with their heads in the clouds could relate to the trials and tribulations of a forty-something, divorced, Rondebosch soccer mum type trying to manouevre her way around the modern world of internet dating in Cape Town. But Lynita Crofford’s portrayal of Violet demonstrates how the challenges single ladies face looking for love (or a hook up) transcend the generations.

In less than an hour (we did wish the show was longer), this humorous monologue touches on a lot of the hot topics we’ve been busy discussing here on RinseBeforeUse such as the stigma associated to interracial relationships in South Africa, the challenges of weeding out stupid guys that can’t spell (the main dumbass who put me off dating for a while wanted to take me on a romantic boat trip to ROBIN Island), and dealing with age gaps (Violet gets to date young studs, while englishrosiee has to  settle for the wrinkly old Silver Foxes, ho hum).

She also comically explains her experiences with panty dropping and Brazilian waxing, things I think most girls can relate too. But don’t worry, even the boys will find Violet entertaining. In fact, anyone who has dabbled in internet dating will be able to relate as she gives you her take on the serious dater (you know the ones with the OKCupid Profile which is more like a PhD thesis), the serial dater (yup, I’m afraid to admit I’m guilty of that) and the Tinder Dater (uh oh Violet recommends staying away from those).

I’ll refrain from giving you a synopsis of the whole show because I think anyone who enjoys the LOLs on RinseBeforeUse needs to go and see Violet Online. If you missed seeing it at Alexander Bar, then I suggest you make a trip to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown where Violet Online is showing from the 2nd-8th July 2015 (I’m sure our international readers can use this a good excuse to travel to South Africa and perve on some SA hotties as well).

By the way, this play is based on posts on an anonymous News 24 blog also called Violet Online. So, dear Rinsers, if you’d continue loving us long time and liking, sharing and tweeting all our blog posts maybe one day we’ll also have a stage show about sexcapades and the like. Just saying.


    • Hey there,

      Yes, at the moment Violet Online is only is South Africa. But I thought the issues that came up were really relevant to much of what we write of Rinse Before Use. You should check out the blog though, different style to ours but really funny 🙂

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